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The very first thought that comes to mind when you are looking for a job is "Resume". It's true that your performance during an interview gets you the job, but resume is your vital key to the Interview. Hence it's very important for all fresher and experienced candidates to know what goes into making a professional resume. Our free resume builder understands your needs and suggests resume templates accordingly.

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Our free resume builder is designed in such a way that any non-technical person can also use it easily without any help. It's a step by step tool which takes your personal and professional details and crafts your perfect resume in the selected template.

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 Resume builder is a cost effective solution as it is free

 Choose from variety of templates for your exact needs

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 Beautify and make your resume stand out from others by using different fonts and creative tools.

 Easy accessibility from anywhere is another added advantage

 Your personal and professional data is highly protected in an online resume builder

What is a "Resume"?

Before using the resume maker, it's important to understand what a resume is, and why is it essential. Resume is a brief description of your professional skills and experiences combined with relevant personal details. Every job has different requirements therefore a perfect Professional resume should also be slightly modified as per your job application. The resume builder template allows you to make those changes very easily in no time.

Which Resume Type to Choose?

There are mainly 4 types of professional resume, each type is different from the other. It is essential to choose the right type of resume format as it helps in strengthening your plus points and de-emphasizes your weaknesses.

Chronological Type: The most common and systematic type is Chronological format, as the name suggests in this type of resume all the work and educational experiences are mentioned in a chronological order i.e. starting from the current position to the very first experience of the candidate or the order can be reversed. If you are an experience holder and have a solid working history then Chronological type is the best choice for you.

Functional Type: These types of resume formats are majorly used in creative and development industry, where people do not pay much heed to employment history. Functional format helps in highlighting and emphasizing on the key skills of the candidate and talks less about the work history. This format can also be apt for the professionals having lapses in employment or have diverse occupation experience.

Combination Type: As the name suggests, combination format is blend of Chronological and Functional type. In this type of format you add both your skill traits and your chronological order of work & education experience. Combination type helps you to express your overall qualities and sets you apart from other applicants. If you are looking for a job change or are a new graduate with limited experience then combination type is the perfect choice for you.

Targeted Type: This type of resume format is the first choice of professionals who are looking for a specific job or position in a distinguished organization. In targeted format, the resume is exactly drafted as per the job description. For creating a target-oriented resume you need to do a few researches about the company, its leaders and the type of employees they hire. Post research; highlight those qualifications, skills and experiences that support your application for the position.

Keep it brief and professional

Our free resume builder helps you to keep the resume such that it draws the attention of the HR towards your Application. It's a tedious task for every HR to shortlist the desired candidate from thousands of application and hence they give only few seconds to review every resume. Keeping your resume brief and professional increases your chances of getting an interview call, as a summarized resume covers all the important details and take less time in reviewing

Be very specific

Every job opening invites a resume and supporting cover letter from the interested candidates, now to exemplify yourself from the rest we have to be very specific in our resume. A perfect resume is built by avoiding unnecessary and irrelevant information, therefore add only those skills and qualifications that are required for the job. This technique will save the time of recruiters and will also emphasize your resume for the post.

Customize your Resume regularly

Resume building is not one in a lifetime task, you need to update your resume on regular intervals to describe your growth as a professional. This is where the Free resume builder and resume templates come to work, customization of resume takes less time and effort using these tools.