Trust Badge

When a job seeker begins his/her job hunt or a job provider looks for potential candidates for some specific position then one thing is always doubtful and that is the 'authenticity of candidate'. Because of this major reason, many candidates can't get the job soon therefore they start feeling totally demotivated because of this process of proving their authenticity to each and every employer.

After understanding the seriousness of this issue knocking job has come up with a solution as 'Trust Badge'.

Trust Badge - Build your online reputation with Knocking Job
What is Trust Badge - Knockingjob

What is trust Badge

Trust Badge is a combination of various verified documents and credentials of a job seeker. It is a process in which we collect all the essential details of a candidate and through our different resources and verification experts we verify them.

We make sure that each and every point which is provided by the candidate is true and authentic so the recruiter at the time of hiring can find the most authentic candidates for his clients. Not just these verifications but each and every flaw of profile is properly taken care of under career experts. This process makes candidate 100% job ready.

After successfully verifying these information's and implementing required amendments we activate their Trust Badge on their profile which means this candidate is verified in all the levels of verifications Like...

 Verified document

 Verified identity

 Verified reference check

 Benefit of re-screening your profile by experts

 Benefits of Stand out from the crowd

 Benefits of 4x more visibility to recruiters

HR Consideration

Human resource managers understand the advantage of pre-verified candidates thus they give priority to the candidates those who have earned TRUST BADGE.

Exclusive Profiles

Profile with Trust Badge has higher chances to get hired. Their profiles stand-out of the crowd thus these profiles gets priority with Career oriented Jobs.


Candidates with TRUST BADGE would be screened by our experts.Post verification a quality check on resume would be done and you'll get exclusive job recommendations.

Trust Badge

Benefits of trust Badge

 Verified candidate's background

 Verified personal details

 Verified work experience

 Verified academic documents

 Connecting unskilled and inexperienced candidates

 Quality check on profile

 Resume quality check and amendments

 Exclusive job recommendations

 Earn Trust Badge @449 ₹