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Job Description (pronounced as ik- si- go ) is India s #1 trip planning and travel search engine available online and on mobile. Our vision is to develop products to ease and simplify the life of travelers and to make travelling a fun experience. We accomplish this by constantly evolving and catering to all travel- related needs of our users, whether about choosing the right destination, modes of transport, places to see, stay & eat or usable local tips & trivia. Not just this, we allow our users to search and book flights, hotels and all possible modes of transports like buses, trains.You can use to get the best advice on Indian tourist destinations, holidays trip planning, travel itineraries, weekend getaways, monuments and resorts in india etc. ixigo also has railway reservation information, search for cheap air ticket flights, buses, trains, hotels, holiday packages and best travel deals. We cover the best tourist places in India with amazing tourism travel guides, maps, photos, weather and much more. What it is NOT We are not an online travel agency (or agent). We don t sell you tickets or hotel rooms. In fact we don t sell anything at all. The booking always happens on a third party travel booking website, which can be an airline website, a hotel website or an online travel agency. Our strength lies in helping you choose where to book, and to save you time and money in the process.Since we don t sell anything we don t have a call center either. If you have questions about your booking you need to contact the booking provider directly. We believe that people love to travel, but the fear of the unknown holds them back. How is ixigo different from other travel portals or Online Travel Agents An Online Travel Agent (OTA) is essentially an online retailer that provides tourism related services to the public at large on behalf of suppliers, such as airlines, hotels, car rentals, railways or package tours on the other hand is not a travel agency (or agent). We don t sell you tickets, or hotel rooms etc. in fact we don t sell anything at all. You can compare prices and information of travel inventory sourced from our partner(s) online travel agency, airline and hotel websites and book directly with them, using our website or mobile applications. The booking always happens on the provider site (basically a provider of the travel inventory like hotel, flight etc.) How can I use Trip Planner to plan my trip Trip Planner is the default landing page when you hit, simply type in your query in the search box (or you can simply click on any of the queries showcased right below the search box).For eg. you are planning a trip to Jaipur, simply type in the destination name ( Jaipur ) in this case in the search box. The result page will showcase the best time to visit Jaipur, places to visit in Jaipur, things to do, where to stay, where to eat and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jaipur. In case you want to know how to reach Jaipur from your current destination (lets say, Delhi), simply type in the destination in From , in How to Reach tab and press, Search. The result page will showcase all the available modes, approx. time to reach and price you need to incur to reach there. Not only that, it allows you to search and eventually book your preferred mode right from the destination page.You can also use the search bar to type in specific queries, such as, restaurants in Jaipur, restaurants around Hawa Mahal Jaipur, images of hawa mahal, timings of hawa mahal, hotels around hawa mahal etc.Now that you know how easy and intuitive it is to use Trip Planner, why don t you give it a shot You will love it! In what ways can ixigo help me plan my trip In more ways than you can count.Trip Planner is a great new visual way to explore destinations, get travel information and plan your journey.You can use Trip Planner to get great ideas on where to go, how to go, where to stay, what to see, what to do and more. Please refer to point no. 5 mentioned above to know more about Trip Planner.You can use our flights, trains, buses and deals products to search other websites in real- time for availablity, timings and fares. Within a minute we search all the websites you would normally have to search yourself one by one. ixigo helps you find your way through the jungle of travel offerings.Also, you can use our hotel search functionality to find out the best hotels at cheapest price. We search over 250, 000+ hotels across the globe spread over 25, 000+ cities. You will be redirected to the booking partner site that sells that hotel room, and you can complete your booking on the partner site.Not only this, you can find the best deals available online on flights, hotels, buses etc. Our deal section is a compilation of packages, discounts, special prices and last minute exciting travel deals offered by various Online Travel Agents and Inventory owners (Airlines, Hotel Chains etc.). Is there a way to find good hotel/ flight deals on ixigo Sure! Our deal is a compilation of packages, discounts, special prices and last minute exciting travel deals offered by various Online Travel Agents and Inventory owners, handpicked and displayed on ixigo deals so that you save on the time to search for them (Airlines, Hotel Chains etc.).To access our deals section, simply go to more tab on the top and check on deals. You will see links that you can click and land on the result page to view all deals related to you interest of you can search deals for flights, hotels, packages etc in the search box and the relevant results shall list. Also, the deals section has top deals listed right next to the deals search tab. ixigoers live feed is simply a feed which showcase what other people are doing right at this very moment. You will notice people simply asking questions, answering questions, rating POIs (Point of Interests) etc. What is top ixigoers As you already know ixigo is a social travel platform. We allow our users to participate on ixigo by contributing pictures, asking questions, answering questions, commenting or rating POIs (Point of Interests) etc. We recognize your contribution on ixigo and hence we created this section to showcase all the users (who we loving call as ixigoers ) contributing on ixigo.Please click on View All section to see the list of ixigoers directly contributing on ixigo. What is your terms of use and privacy policy Where can I read more about it Is there someway I can see the summary of all my activities on ixigo Where can I find more about the mobile web version of ixigo and the mobile applications developed by ixigo How can I use the search bar on the home page You simply type in any travel related query in the search bar. For your ease, below the search bar you will see sample queries which are clickable. The intention of the these sample queries is to provide you an idea of the vastness of the kind of queries you can type in the search bar.Typically speaking your set of queries could fall under following categories:a) Destination: To know more about any destination, you can either simply type in the name of the destination like, Jaipur, Bangalore, Munnar, Shimla, Mumbai etc. or you could type in specific queries like best time to visit Jaipur (or your given destination) , Weekend getaways from Delhi etc.b) Weather Condition: To know more about the weather condition of the destination you are planning to visit, simply type Weather in Destination Name , How is weather going to be in Destination Name tomorrow .c) Places to visit: Simply type in Places to visit in Destination Name or name of the Point of interest (POI), for eg. Hawa Mahal, Pictures of POI Name , Opening timings of POI Name , Entry fee of POI Name , Location of POI Name etc.d) Things to do: Planning a trip but don t know what to do once you reach there Don t worry! You can type in queries like, What to do in Destination Name , Shopping in Destination Name etc.e) Places to eat: Food is an essential part of our trip planning. Where we go, we want to the best possible food. If that s the case, these sample queries might help you. Simply type in places to eat in Destination Name , restaurants in Destination Name etc. Or if you are aware of a place to eat and want to know details like phone no., address, location on map, average price etc. You could simply type in the name of the restaurant in the search bar. What purpose does Trip planner, flights, hotels, trains and buses radio button on top of the search bar serve How can I best use the Trip Planner ixigo Trip Planner is a great new visual way to explore destinations, get travel information and plan your journey.You can use Trip Planner to get great ideas on where to go, how to go, where to stay, what to see, what to do and more. We have invested lot of time and effort and curated best of the destination content for you. You can easily use Trip Planner to plan your travel from any town in India to another and see distance, driving directions, modes of transport, and relevant destination information. How does Add to Trip functionality works Add to trip functionality allows you to create your personalized itinerary or a list of places you would like to visit in future.First thing first, in order to use Add to trip functionality, you need to login using Facebook.Once logged in, while you are browsing on Trip Planner, you will come across many Point of Interests (POIs) which you would like to visit in future. On the listing page (where you will see list of POIs), you simply need to rollover your mouse on top of the image and you will see, Add to trip button. Just click on the button and its done!In case you are on the description page of a particular Point of Interest (POI), you will notice Add to Trip button on the top left of the page, please click on it.Once you have collected the POIs you would like to visit in future, you simply need to go to Your Page (which you access from the top right panel, where you see your FB profile picture). Once reached you will notice that the list of the Point of Interests (POIs) which you added in your Trip are accessible to you in one shot. How does the download city guide functionality works Its simple! Just click on the Download Destination Name guide and you will notice that a new window in a separate tab has opened. This will have the .pdf version of the file. Just simply download it in your computer or mobile device and read about the destination anytime you wish without having to connect to the internet. How can I share a relevant piece of information on my social media network I have found a mistake in the information showcased on the page. How can I report it Oops! This shouldn t have been here in the first place. Please accept our apologies for this!Simply report and it and we promise we will fix it! On trip planner you will see Give us Feedback bar, just click on it and report the issue. BTW, thanks for your help, we really appreciate it! I want to share pictures of places on ixigo. How can I do that You have got pictures you want to share on ixigo Great, we love that! Just above the picture at the top of a destination page or place page on ixigo, you will see a button called Add Photos . BTW, you can also upload pictures from your Facebook wall (apart from your hard drive obviously!). Just click on the option and done! Your pictures are uploaded on ixigo. Try to Is there any limit on the number of pictures I can upload on ixigo Nope! We don t want to discourage you to share the pictures! Please feel free to upload as many pictures. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that all the pictures are relevant to the destination or the POI (Point of Interest). What are the things which I need to keep in mind while uploading the pictures on ixigo Yes, of course! Our panel of experts review the pictures submitted on ixigo. Please note, the moderator/ reviewer may decide not to take your picture live, in case it found to be violated any of the point mentioned above. I realized my picture has been uploaded by someone on ixigo without my permission We take utmost care in ensuring that only original images are uploaded on ixigo and we take copyright violations very seriously. In case you found that some pictures from your portfolio have been uploaded on ixigo without your permission, please let us know. We assure you that we will take your complaint very seriously and remove the picture! I am not able to leave a review on ixigo. What could be possibly wrong Well, you need to login using your Facebook credentials to post a review on ixigo. Its very simple, simply open the page of a given Point of Interest(POI), place to visit or thing to do and rate the place on a scale of 1- 5 (1- lowest, 5- highest). How do I ask a question on ixigo First thing first, we encourage you to go thru our Question and Answer section of any given destination, chances are you will see already listed answers to your question. If not, please feel free to ask a question, this is how you can ask a question:If you are on a destination landing page (lets say, Jaipur ), you will notice that there is blue button right on the top of Question and Answer section, ask a question . You can simply click on this and ask any question you might have with respect to the given destination. Does ixigo moderate/ review all the submitted answers Yes, we do! We review all the answers and ensure that they are relevant in the context of the question asked and the information shared is correct. If we find out that there are any issues with the answer our team of expert might actually remove the answer. How can I know more about the person who has answered a given question on ixigo You want to know more about the user who has answered a question asked by you Great! Simply move your cursor over the name and you will notice that it is a clickable link. If you click on the link it will take you to that ixigoer s public profile page. Am I allowed to leave backlinks to my blog/ social network/ website in the answers If the backlinks add value to the answer from a traveler s perspective, yes, if not, we might actually remove the unnecessary links! If your answer has too many links, it will be considered as spam. I run a hotel/ restaurant etc. and want to list my entity on ixigo. How can I do that Great! You can add your property without any dependency on us! If you notice, at the end of the listing page (page which lists down all the properties in a given city!), there is an Add a place button (the one with a big plus button), simply click on that link and you can add your property.Please note, we will review/ moderate the property you have added and might get in touch with you to ensure its authenticity. I am an owner of already listed property (hotel, restaurant etc.), I want to update a piece of information on ixigo or figured wrong information about my property. How can I update the given information You will notice that there is a link at the top that says Report a problem . In case you figured there is an issue with the given details or you want to update any piece of information, please send the details to us and we will fix it! What is the Travel Stories section on ixigo Well, every traveler has got a story to share, right Well, we have done our bit to share with you best stories around travel. Right from sharing a plate of maggi on top of a mountain all the way to Che Guevara s epic road trip from Argentina to Miami and back, we have got it all! Enjoy! :- ). Can I submit my own travel story on ixigo Sure! If you want to contribute a story to our stories section, please send it to we will attribute it to you and link back to your blog if your story gets accepted. How come ixigo s price is cheaper than all other travel portals ixigo searches directly on airline websites for the best fares sold directly by the airline. Many airlines sell cheapest air- tickets on their own website, protected by a best fare guarantee for these web- fares. So, increasingly ixigo will end up finding cheaper prices on the same airline. In addition, ixigo searches on millions of routes to find the optimal routing for you from a price perspective. Some combination of airlines and stops found on ixigo are definitely unique ! The same flight is sold by different providers. The lowest price for one particular flight is shown bigger and on top. Other results are shown below the best price. You can choose wherever you want to book! Some sites show me prices in other currencies. Will I be able to book my ticket on those sites All the sites that we search have been pre- screened, but some might be based outside India and therefore show pricing in a foreign currency. Your credit cards should work perfectly fine on these sites. In case you face problems, do keep us informed. How do you convert foreign currency prices When we search international sites, we convert foreign currencies into your country s currency for comparison purposes. To do this, we use the most accurate foreign exchange data available on the day of your search. However, the actual price of the ticket depends on the individual policies of your credit card provider, bank, and the site where you are buying your ticket. Please consult your bank or credit card company if you see discrepancies between the price shown on the site where you bought the site and your credit card statement. There are a lot of search results. How do I find the best one for me Sometimes the number of results can be quite overwhelming. That s why ixigo provides you with the tools to drill down to the one result you actually want.On the left side of search result screen you will find our filter box. Here you can select which results you want to show on the screen. You can hide airlines based on your own preferences. You can also filter onward and return flights based on the time of the day they leave.On top of the search results, you will also find underlined table headers. By clicking on these you can sort your results by the chosen feature, e.g. departure time, airline or the price. Why does the airline website give me a different price than the one shown on ixigo I know a flight exists but it doesn t show up on ixigo. Why We try to be as comprehensive as possible but on a return flight you might have tens of thousands of possible combinations. Sometimes, we can t get some flights because a provider website is temporarily unreachable. Yes, you can ! As of January 2009, you can search flights originating from India to anywhere in the world. We will soon expand this to offer flight searches from more countries! ixigo allows you to book directly on airline sites. Since most airlines in India allow international credit cards to be used on their own sites, by using ixigo, you have greater surety of international credit card acceptance while making your flight booking. If the airline does not support international credit cards, the icon will be displayed next to its name in the airline filters on the left. Now with our international hotels, we search over 250, 000+ hotels across the globe spread over 25, 000+ cities. Click on the select button on the hotel result. You will be redirected to the booking partner site that sells that hotel room, and you can complete your booking on the partner site. Why are there so many prices for the same hotel The same hotel can be booked on different booking sites. ixigo searches all these booking sites for you in one go and shows you the lowest price for each hotel on the result page. Other results can be viewed from the more prices option. You can choose wherever you want to book! Are taxes and booking fees included in the prices that you show The booking partner websites we search handle this differently; some show total prices in their search results and some do not, thereby making it very difficult to compare them. If you search with ixigo you don t have to worry about this we calculate the total purchase price for you whenever we can. In some cases, minor discrepancies can arise because of fees added on the last page by these partners. There are a lot of search results. How do I find the best one for me Sometimes the number of results can be quite overwhelming. That s why ixigo provides you with the tools to drill down to the one result you actually want.On the left side of the search result screen you will find our filter box. Here you can select which results you want to show on the screen. You can hide or show hotels based on your own preferences. You can also filter based on the star ratings and amenities available. On top of the search results, you will also find underlined table headers. By clicking on these you can sort your results by the chosen attribute, e.g. name, star rating or the price. Most of the hotel booking partners we work with provide instant confirmation of hotel bookings on their site. Even the ones who do not, will confirm your reservation within 24- 48 hours of your request. I can not find my desired city or hotel in your search. What should I do While it depends on the hotel booking partner you choose, most Visa and Mastercard cards can be used for making your reservations on our booking partner sites. Also, in most the cases you will be allowed to pay thru your net- banking/ debit card. Most of the time, it depends on the hotel booking partner. Please make sure to check the price shown by the partner site before booking. What currency conversion rate do you use We take average currency conversions rates from reliable publicly available sources. However, since currency exchange rates are dynamic in nature, there might be a difference in the price shown on the provider s site and the charge that shows up on your credit card. There is a possibility of variance in the amount due to different currency conversion rates used. We use conversion rates from publicly available sources, however individual hotels may use their own conversion rates. Why is the currency on the hotels website different from the one I selected on ixigo This could occur if the hotel booking provider or hotel does not have an option for the currency you selected. I didn t like the hotel I stayed in and I want my money back. How will the ticket be delivered to me The partner will send you an e- ticket in your registered mailbox. You simply need to carry the printout of the e- ticket along with an ID proof. Also, there will be provision to book an i- ticket, which will be delivered (thru courier) to the mention address. Please note, there has to be a gap or at least 2 days in your booking date and travel date, so that the physical ticket can be delivered to the address. How many days prior to the travel date can a booking be made It is possible to book online up to 60 Days before the planned date of travel. This period could be lesser for some special trains. How long before the departure of a train can I make an online booking Well, normally the final chart for the train is prepared 4 hours before the scheduled departure. Online booking is possible fill the final chart is prepared. However, please note that in case of early morning trains Indian Railway prepare the charts the night before the train s scheduled departure. We are travelling in a group. What is the maximum number of tickers I can book Indian Railways allows you to book tickets for maximum six passengers. However, in case you are Tatkal booking, you can book tickets for maximum four passengers. By booking was confirmed, however, I have not been allotted a berth or coach. Can you please tell me why Well, in this case you need not worry at all. Even though your ticket does not reflect a seat/ berth no. or the coach no., your ticket is confirmed. In some cases, especially Executive class or AC First class, Indian Railways assigns a seat only when the final chart is prepared. Once you reach the platform, please make sure to look at the chart you will find your name with the assigned seat/ berth no. or the coach no. For a group traveling together, the lead passenger needs to carry the photo- id card. Please note here that you need to make sure to carry the original copy of the above mentioned documents. Photocopy of the documents will not be accepted and if caught without the original copy of any of the above mentioned documents, it will be considered as traveling without ticket. What do the different fare classes (SL, 3AC etc) mean Below is a brief description of the different classes available on the trains: 1A AC First Class: Air conditioned accommodation with isolated/ lockable compartments of 2- 4 berths with linen, blanket and attendant service for catering. Executive class in Shatabdi type trains is also considered 1A. 2A AC 2 Tier : Air conditioned accommodation with isolated compartments (not lockable but with a curtain) with 2- 4 berths. 3A AC 3 Tier : Air- conditioned sleeper class with 6 berths in each compartment (3 on each side). During daytime the middle birth on each side is folded up to allow sitting on the lower berth. 3E AC 3 Tier Economy : Introduced from 1st Oct 2009, this class is designated for the coaches, which have additional berth in side section (SM type Side Middle). This type of Air- conditioned accommodation is created for economically weak section of people, who wish to travel in AC 3- tier for lesser price. FC First Class : Similar to 1A but non- air- conditioned. CC AC Chair Car : Air conditioned with cushioned/ reclining seats. SL Sleeper : Similar to 3A but non- air- conditioned. 2S Second Sitting : Second class sitting with wooden benches to sit. What does RAC and WL availability status mean RAC or Reservation Against Cancellation means that you have an assured seat but your seat number has not been allocated yet. Once other people cancel their ticket you will be assigned a seat number. If you are holding an RAC ticket, you can always board the train as there are always some unallocated seats in the train. RAC tickets are sold after general category tickets are over. A Waitlist (WL) is started after the designated quota for R.A.C. is exhausted. When I click on availability I get 2 options general and tatkal . What do they mean The general availability is the normal availability. However the Indian Railway has a provision for last minute travelers, where in they can book tickets even at the last moment by paying a premium charge. This is the tatkal availability, which will only show up when the general availability is in the status WL (Waitlist) and your date of journey is within the next 1 days. Is there some way of booking bus for my return journey as well Well, at the moment you can book the bus only for your one way journey. For booking a bus for your return journey please mention the destination name in From and city of origin in To text box on the bus booking page. Will the booking be instantaneous Will my seat be reserved directly with the operator Sure! Your ticket booking will be instantaneous! For all practical purposes it means you can reserve a seat on the bus directly. You pay for the ticket to the operator and you confirm and print your ticket from their site. You simply need to take printout of your booking and show it to the bus operator. If I don t have a credit card can I still book a bus ticket Some operators allow you to call them up and book tickets as well and they offer delivery to your place for an additional fee as well. This can be done without using a credit card. This is because our online bus travel partners do not have them listed under their services.
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