Knocking Job KIOSK Franchise Business Opportunities: KJ KIOSK

# Live your dream with us

7Skyee has been serving its clients and candidates for the last 10 years; in our journey we have realized the problems of jobseekers very closely. Our core dream always remained unchanged i.e. to make the process of Recruitment smoother for the jobseekers. We have observed all the issues from the grass root level and worked to resolve them through

Our vision behind KnockingJob was to facilitate the job seekers, whether fresher, skilled, semi-skilled or experienced. We wanted to create an online job platform that does more than addressing the job search needs of the candidates. In addition to extensive listing of jobs across industries and locations, we offer a wide range of unique support services, resources and tools to enable jobseekers in taking their career to newer heights.

If you can relate yourself with our dream, then we have the right partnership to offer. KnockingJob is taking Kiosk partners for spreading its wings in every region and to develop a strong connection with the jobseekers in need. Register yourself with us today and get a chance to live your dream with us, together we can bring a sustainable change to the society.

# Make a difference, not just living

Who doesn't want to make an earning? Obviously everyone out there shedding sweat to earn but making a living through unethical ways is not our business practice. We are proud entrepreneurs and not profit-mongers; we live by our ideologies and strongly follow the business rules. Our strong believe asserts that whatever good we do to the society come back to us in much magnified way. We are looking for alike partners who are Entrepreneurs at heart and would like to support the ideals of KnockingJob.

# What do you need for becoming a kiosk partner ?

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