Start your career in data science

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Before the starting of the 21st century, the world had already developed it all from industries to huge machines, to computers and mobile phones. Now what is left for us is a huge pile of data. By 2020, the data created is estimated to be 40 trillion gigabytes. This data gave rise to Data Science which is used to predict and stimulate for future references. The data which started only from bits has now reached to astronomical values.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a group of techniques used to extract values from the data. It is a multi-disciplinary field that uses algorithms, programming skills, knowledge of maths and statistics, data analysis, information science and computer science to extract the data. Every company and organization uses data science to collect and analyze their data.

Cleveland in 2001 said, “One outcome of the plan is that computer science joins mathematics as an area of competency for the field of data science. This enlarges the intellectual foundations.” Hence, Data Science can be referred to as a combination of Mathematics, Computer Science and Business Intelligence (BI).

Start your career in data science

Role of a Data scientist

Data Scientist is a person who makes values out of the data. Their main purpose is to form and analyze big data. Role of the data scientist in various industries is as follows.
- Big data analytics: Data scientists analyze big data using predictive modelling, developing segmentation algorithms, etc.
- Finance: Role of a data scientist is to study the impact of specific financial trends and market development by taking into account customer’s financial data
- Banks: Banks take the help of data scientist in customer service, fraud detection, target marketing, understanding customer sentiments, etc.
- Healthcare: They interpret data by using computerized medical records, billing claim, cost reports, etc.

How to become Data Scientists?
To become a data scientist, the qualification required is as follows:
- Bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, maths, physics, statistics, engineering
- Master’s degree in Data Science or other related fields

You can also do certification courses in Data science like MCSE by Microsoft in Data Science which will be beneficial to you in the long run. The average salary of a data scientist is 10 lakh in India and $ 100K worldwide.

Career for Data Scientists
Data Scientist : A data scientist explores patterns in analytics to measure what impact they have on business. A data scientist uses certain computational methods to discover the meaningful and useful pattern of data.
Data Analyst : Data analysts take data from market research, sales figure, logistics, etc. and use it to summarize for further business decisions.
Business Analyst : Business Analyst analyses the business domain and provides solutions based on technology. They are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and business.
Data Engineer : A data engineer develops, constructs and test large processing systems so that an organization runs without any problem.
Data architect : A data architect plan and visualize big data systems.

Must-have skills for Data Science: There are various skills required to learn to become a data scientist like:
- Programming language- R, Python, SAS, SQL, MATLAB, Hive,
- Statistics
- Data Extraction
- Machine learning algorithms
- Data Transformation
- Data Loading
- Software engineering
- Data Wrangling
- Data Exploration
- Communication
- Data Visualization
- Applied Mathematics
- Big Data Processing Framework

How to get a job in Data Science
Choose a specialization : Choose a role in which you see yourself in the near future. Do you want to be a data scientist or data mining engineer or data visualization expert or machine learning expert or any other specialization? This is the most important step to get a job in Data Science.
Join the course : Now join the course of your choice so that you can master the data science techniques. Don’t spend too much time on theory but also learn some practical knowledge as data science is an applied field and practicing is the only way to do that.
Increase your mathematical skills : Data science is a data-oriented course hence you need to have strong mathematical and statistical skills. Dealing with a large amount of data can be overwhelming if you are not used to it.
Learn a programming language : The commonly used language by Data scientist is R and Python. So, you need to get familiarize with it and learn it thoroughly to master the language.
Search for the jobs : There are different ways on how to get a job fast. The best way is to search through the internet and join job portals. One such portal is knockingJob. KnockingJob helps fresher and experienced people to get the best job available in the industry. There are various positions available for the Data Scientist. Apply for the interested position and go for interviews. Top companies are hiring at knockingJob, join now!