Best Interview tips to impress your interviewer

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Best Interview tips to impress your interviewer

Once you have applied for a dream-job, there is an obstacle stands in your way that what are best interview tips on this planet to shine at the interview. Don’t worry! It’s really not as hard as it seems.

if you have received an Interview call then it's likely you want to present your best foot. But firstly, Congratulations as you made it to the interview table from the piles of resumes that were received for this opportunity. If you have been invited in for a job interview then you are already doing something right. It means you have presented yourself well on paper and now you need to follow that through in person. We have brought you the best interview tips that will help you in getting your desired job.

Know how to succeed in an interview, using these best interview tips:

Tip 1: Try to arrive earlier than interview time:

Being punctual always helps in impressing the person you're meeting, be it a date or an interview. Hence try to arrive earlier at the interview location than the scheduled interview timing. Don’t aim to reach at the eleventh hour as there are many things that could go wrong. You may not find the right building or room, or traffic might befall you or you might not get parking, etc therefore keep some spare time before your interview starts. Running late for an interview would definitely sabotage your interview success and make you more anxious.

In order to be punctual don't reach the interviewer's office much before the time; as it will make them feel pressured. And they might take your interview before time. Double check the interview location and aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before.

Best Interview tips to impress your interviewer

Tip 2: Go Prepared and Well versed:

For giving great answers in your interview, you need to research about the company and the job requirements prior to the interview process. Keep the answers ready in your mind for the most common questions of HRs. Reading the job description & requirements will help you to frame perfect answers.

Tip 3: Don't ramble:

Make sure your answers are not too long or not too brief. Frame them smartly and take your time before answering, start your answer confidently and give it a solid ending. Rehearse and time your answers.

Tip 4: Put metrics in your answers:

Facts are insignificant without examples; similarly your talent & skills are irrelevant if you don't put them with your accomplishments. When you quote how your certain skill has helped you in achieving something it increases the size of your achievements.

Tip 5: Tailor your skills & achievements:

There are many instances during an interview where you need to explain your strengths or skills, it is very vital that whichever skill, strength or achievement you express must be tailored to fit the job. It’s more likely to get hired when your accomplishments are closer to the job requirements.

Tip 6: Dress to impress:

It's a hard truth that your appearance plays an important role in your job interview. If you walk in for an interview in a shabby appearance or in improper clothes then it reduces your chance of getting hired.

Tip 7: Do Your Industry Homework:

Every interviewee should do a basic pre-interview preparation which includes researching the company's history, mission statement, product offerings, and so on. But the candidates that stand out amongst the rest are the ones who also research the industry at large. In order to impress your interviewer you need to have an impactful conversation during the interview.

In doing so you need to find the factors that affect the company like, what is the upcoming trend in the industry, the latest news related to the organization, their competitors, what can be changed in marketing?, etc. When you’ll confidently discuss these current issues, it will show your genuine interest in the company.Being able to confidently speak to current news in the space will show your genuine interest and fit within the company.

Tip 8: Ask for the job:

Tell your interviewer you want the job — period,” says Dana Fulbright, an IT recruiter for Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla. “So many people leave without ever saying they want to be hired. It sounds so simple, but it‘s true. Let your employer know that you want to work there.”

Tip 9: Show restraint:

During an interview, what you don't say may be as important as what you do say. As a rule, don't talk about money or benefits, especially during the first interview. You should already know if you fit the parameters. Don‘t badmouth about any of your past employers. Organizations don‘t hire complainers. Don‘t mention outside career aspirations or part-time jobs. Employers are looking for people who want to be part of their organization for the next decade and beyond.

Tip 10: Try to create a memorable impression:

An interviewer on average interviews hundreds of candidates per day for different-different positions. In such a scenario, you have to be a candidate who stays in the memory of recruiters for long. So when the question rises ‘Whom should we hire’, you become their choice unanimously. And to become memorable you have to create a lasting impression on the panel of interviewers. Certainly someone who is robotic won’t be able to make such a powerful impression; hence you’ll have to go some extra miles.

It's not just your skills or professional accomplishments that will impress the interviewer. They are looking for a co-worker therefore your personality as a whole is equally important. Always remember that people remember a person by their personality so try to showcase your best in the interview. An enthusiastic, attentive and confident applicant can easily impress the interviewer enough to stay memorable.?

Tip 11: Show gratitude in your own way

The best way to showcase your appreciation for the interviewer is by sending a Thank you note. This small gesture of gratitude will undoubtedly impress your interviewer and dignify you as a professional. Make sure you send a short thank you note to your interviewer within 24 hours after the interview. Not only is this a cordial gesture, but it also serves to remind them that you are waiting for their response. Amidst the ‘thank you’ note you can politely ask about the fate of your interview.

Craft a perfect mail to thank your interviewer for their time, express appreciation towards the feedback they had shared, reiterate your interest in the job and tell them how you look forward to work with their organization. Your thank you mail will also serve as an apt follow up and picture you as an accomplished employee. Many people forget to do this small task when they are interviewing for multiple roles. And it really does make a difference to the way interviewers see you, therefore do send a Thank you mail.

Tip 12: Remember your body has its own expressions:

Preparing for common interview questions is a great way to impress your interviewer. But whatever you speak to answer the questions will comprise only a part of the message that you want to convey. The rest of the communication is done by your body language; it is a crucial part for you to qualify the interview. Surely your mouth does the talking during an interview, but your gestures, posture, and body language speak inaudible volumes.

To look confident and trustworthy in interview, it's important to maintain a good posture. With your back straight and your head held high you can prevent putting your nervousness on display. Candidates that fail to make eye contact, or who fidget and play with their hairs and hands, or have bad posture, apparently won’t be able to impress the interviewer.

Tip 13: Don't rush into starting immediately:

How early can you start, for beginners and unemployed candidates the answer to this question is obvious. But if you are currently employed with any organization then give it a thought before answering. If your interviewer asks you about joining then it’s a good sign because they might be thinking to hire you. Your interview is going in the right direction and you won’t want it to be spoiled by rushing to answer.

With this question the Employers want to know if you are committed and accountable towards your current employer or not. Despite the fact that you’ll soon leave the company give cognizance to your current company’s operations. Always mention the notice period that you’ll have to serve, this will show your sincerity towards your company and will definitely impress your interviewer.

Tip 14: A polite Follow Up for brownie points:

A prompt follow up with the interviewer is as important as nuts in a fruitcake, it isn't necessary yet favorable. If you don’t hear back from your interviewer after 3-4 days of interview, in that case you’re advised to take a polite follow up. You can take any media to follow up with your interviewer, for instance you can E-mail, call or message the employer.

A follow up mail must be brief, friendly, and should restate your interest in the job opening. Be very careful while drafting your follow up mail and try not to sound annoyed or desperate. Your follow up mail would surely establish you as sincere and diligent candidate which will consequently land you in the good books of the interviewer.


If you want to really impress your interviewer then make sure you are well prepared for the job interview. The work you put in beforehand will help you come across as a stand out candidate during the interview..